II International Congress AINISE 2020

Investigation. Equines with Science



I am Belén Franquet, a founding member of AINISE -International Alliance for Healthy Interactions with Equines- and, like many of you all, not only a passionate professional in the world of equine-assisted interactions / interventions (IAE) but also a convinced of the need for scientific research and rigor in our sector.

Aware of this gap in the field of equestrian therapies and taking the responsibility that corresponds to us as AINISE, we have prepared with great care and seriousness the II International Congress AINISE 2020, dedicated to RESEARCH.

It is an essential event, not only because of the quality and diversity of its speakers, but also because of its relevance for the future of IAE.

The objective is twofold, on the one hand, to share and build scientific knowledge, based on the most current research and experiences in IAE at an INTERNATIONAL level and, on the other, to publicize the current «clinical trial in arthritis and therapeutic horsemanship» that AINISE is working with a group of professionals from different countries and whose repercussion, in our country, will favor the recognition and professionalization of Equestrian Therapies.

It will be a pleasure to have your presence and your contributions.

Together it is easier to work for the future of Healthy Interactions with Equines.

This Congress is organized by the International Alliance for Healthy Interactions with Equines (AINISE) and the invaluable collaboration of a team of volunteers who are always by our side when needed.

The objectives are:

1.- Bring research closer to equine-assisted interactions / interventions (IAE). 2.- Raise awareness of the increase in arthritis diagnoses and the importance of new treatment opportunities.
3.- Raise funds for the clinical trial in Therapeutic Riding and Arthritis, in order to demonstrate the scientific evidence, in this case, of Therapeutic Riding (ET), so that the benefits obtained from this Congress will be allocated entirely by:

International, multicenter, randomized clinical trial, with experimental group and control group and blind evaluation by third parties, in order to determine the effect of Therapeutic riding on a group of people with Arthritis.

Scientific Comittee

This Committee advises the organization on everything related to the scientific rigor of how many papers, communications, tables, etc., are presented throughout this II AINISE Congress.

It is made up of professionals related to Equine Interactions / Interventions and they are experts in their different fields.


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