Communications presentation regulation


➔ Each registered author may present a maximum of two works.
➔ All authors of the communications will have to be registered in the Congress prior to the
submission of the proposal (In the case of non-acceptance of a work, the author can
request a refund of the registration).
➔ The presentation can only be carried out by an author who is registered in the Congress.
For each communication, as many certificates of presentation of works will be delivered as
authors are registered. The name of each author will be on each certificate.
➔ The communications will deal with the backbone of the Congress: Healthy interactions with
equines and research.
➔ It will be notified of the reception of each summary of the communications.
➔ The acceptance or not of the summary of each communication will be communicated
before October 05, 2020.
➔ The acknowledgment of receipt of each communication proposal summary will be notified
➔ In case the communication is not admitted, the author may request a refund of the
registration fee to the Congress.
➔ The certificate of those works that are not exposed will not be delivered.


The following are the format for preparing the requested resources. The summary of the communications will be sent before September 25, 2020. 1. General data
  • Surname and name of the author/authors, putting the presenter’s at No. 1..
  • Email.
  • Phone number.
  • Location, Province, Country.
  • Institution
  • Title of the summary.
2. Text.
  • It will contain between a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 300 words.
  • When they are not strictly research works, the methodology followed must be specified.
  • It mus contain the essentials of the communication that is presented.
  • Must hold the essential parts of the presentations is communicated.
  • Keywords, between 3 and 7.


1. Video

    • Each communicator will prepare a presentation video of their communication, of maximum 8 minutes in mp4 format.
    • The video must be renamed with the name VideoComunicacionAINSE2020- SurnameNamePresentator.mp4.
    • Recommended resolution: 720p (1280x720px) at 30fps ➔ Aspect ratio: 16: 9.
    • Maximum size: 1GB.


The abstract (200-300 words) should include general information about the work. The contents will follow the order and structure in their contents, depending on the type of work that is Present:
  • Empirical or experimental research works. The content must be structured as follows: Introduction, Objectives, Method (subjects, procedure, instruments), Results and Discussion / Conclusions.
  • Empirical or experimental research works. The content must be structured as follows: Introduction, Objectives, Method (subjects, procedure, instruments), Results and Discussion / Conclusions.
  • Clinical cases. The content should be structured as follows: Brief description of the case, Exploration and complementary tests, Clinical judgment, Differential diagnosis, Care plan, Conclusions.


  • The scientific committee of the Congress will evaluate only the communications that are sent through the form included in the Platform of the Congress, in the manner and within the period indicated for it.
  • All communications will be evaluated by two independent evaluators (peer review) members of the Scientific Committee of the Congress. The evaluators will verify that the communications comply with the requirements set out in the shipping regulations that are available on the Congress website. In case of not being fulfilled, the communication can be rejected without being evaluated.
  • Each communication will be identified for the evaluator, exclusively with a number.
  • Once the evaluation is finished, the accepted and rejected communications will be communicated to the authors and the presentation video will be sent, as indicated in the


Preliminary evaluation of the abstract:

Objectives and methodology: The objectives are explicitly formulated and clearly defined, the method followed to achieve them is adequate and is sufficiently and adequately described.

Results and conclusions: The results are clear and precise and are related to the objectives and the method used. The conclusions are clear and are derived from the results obtained.

Interest and Innovation: The subject has a special interest due to the novel and innovative nature of the methodology used, the value of the conclusions or the scope of the study.
Impact on users / professionals / equines:Its implementation has a high impact on the IAE sector, due to the number of users / professionals / equines involved, the prevalence and relevance of the improvement, having a significant impact on the improvement of the user, in user / professional satisfaction and equine welfare.


➔ Deadline for the receipt of communication summaries: September 25, 2020.
➔Deadline to report on the acceptance of the summary of the communications by the scientific committee: October 5, 2020.
➔ Deadline for sending the communications video: October 25, 2020.


By confirming the authorizations included in the form, the AINISE International Alliance for Healthy Interaction with Equines agrees to:

  1. Treat the transferred data solely to identify the origin of the applicant and
    thus guaranteeing the fulfillment of the purpose for which they are required.
  2. Do not enrich them with other personal data obtained through channels that do not guarantee respect for Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD) and its subsequent modifications, which are not adequate and pertinent or excessive in relation to said purpose.
  3. Do not transfer them to third parties or other members of the Alliance, not authorized to use, without specific consent.
  4. Apply the means established by AINISE to guarantee the security of the data assigned, in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD and development provisions.
  5. Keep the confidentiality of the data.
  6. Comply, when appropriate, with the obligation to notify and register files in the Register of the corresponding Data Protection Authority.
  7. Cancel them, proceeding where appropriate to their elimination, once the purpose for the that have been requested.

Any treatment of the data provided that does not conform to the purpose for which they are transferred, will be the responsibility of AINISE, which will respond to third parties and to the Ethics Committee and the legal bodies in force at any time, for the damages and losses that they could become

For any questions you can contact the email or phone 680212886

registration price



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