Equine Ethology: From Science to Practice in Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT)


Ethology allows us to gain knowledge on equine behaviour and acquire the skills needed to understand horses demeanour in different contexts. The study of animal behaviour provides the knowledge of the mechanisms involved in normal conducts and even in those that can be stated as problematic or/and pathologic.

Acknowledging the scientific breakthroughs in the field and articulating the information available with Animal-Assisted Therapy becomes a challenge for the medical doctors involved in interdisciplinary teams, being critical to guarantee horse welfare that are involved in such activities.

Provide all people involved with EAT horses will improve the understanding of their behaviours. Helping by doing so, the ability to recognise body carrying and position, facial expressions even atypical behaviours, allowing the early identification of situations that might infringe equine welfare and motivate the implementation of handling and training technics suitable for the specie.