How to structure a research project with equines. Ethical and Scientific aspects


The need to support scientific evidence on therapeutic interventions in health makes it necessary for equine-assisted intervention programs to be designed under the umbrella of science. Well planned and executed designs will obtain better results that will support the development of this discipline. One of the key elements of the design is the consideration of the ethical aspects that consider human and animal participants as sentient beings to be respected and whose benefit must be considered as bidirectional. During the presentation there will be a brief review of the important points that every project must have to answer the following questions: What is being investigated? Why and for what purpose is the investigation necessary? How, when, where, with what and with whom will the study be carried out?. In addition, Also, the ethical aspects that every project should include when animals participate as a “therapeutic technique” will be reviewed. Any project that includes animals must consider the aspects related to the needs of the participants as members of a species and as unique individuals.