Dr. Andrés García

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Doctor of Psychopedagogy. He works in the Specific Team for Attention to Students with Autism of the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Extremadura and is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Sciences of the University of Extremadura (UEX). He participates as a researcher in the in the GRESPE, a group from the University of Extremadura, that are doing research on work stress, psychopathologies and emotional well-being.
He has participated in various research projects related to the benefits of horse-assisted therapies for different groups of people with neurodevelopmental disorders. He has several scientific publications in the field.
He is collaborating with different Spanish and American universities and as volunteer with different organizations related to research and the inclusion of people with disabilities. Scientific advisor to the international clinical trial AINISE in Arthritis and Therapeutic Horsemanship (E.T.).

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