Dr. Juan Zapata

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Resume C.V.

Veterinarian and diploma in disability management. He is professor in charge of the Chair of therapies and Assisted Activities with Animals from the faculty of Veterinary Sciences from the National University of Rosario (UNR). Participate in undergraduate and graduate teaching regarding Interventions with animals and disability; It also has various publications on the matter. He has directed and directs various Extension Projects related to the human animal bond and vulnerable populations, specifically equines and canines / people with disabilities and the elderly. I participate in the research project regarding the equine behaviour in assisted interventions. Has participated in various scientific events in Argentina and abroad. He presides over the Todos los Chichos Foundation since 2003; Institution that addresses the comprehensive inclusion of children, teenagers and young people with disabilities. He has been Coordinator of the Disability Area and of the University Disability Commision of the UNR, and of the Disability and Humans Rights Chair of the same university; also the author of the National Law Project for the Regulation and Promotion of the IACA. He is currently the advisor to the Municipality of Casilda, on the Disability Issue.

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